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Our Team

Deborah Rouault

Déborah Rouault

Co-founder of the Association
Managing Director

Much like a Swiss Army knife, Déborah has a wide range of skills.
Together with Annie, she manages administrative and operational tasks of the Association, such as organizing and running workshops, preparing internal and external documents, etc. She is also in charge of managing the grocery store.

As a passionate and outgoing person, it seemed obvious to Déborah that participating in a “consum’actor” movement like this, and contributing to a long-lasting ecological transition, was a great way to take action towards a fairer world and economy.

She believes that together we can improve our quality of life, especially when people can get involved in simple and practical ways.

With this authenticity and environmental awareness that drives her, Déborah wants to facilitate the reduction of waste and help find a more harmonious balance between man and nature.

Annie Benjamin

Annie Benjamin

Co-founder of the Association,

Believing that the social and environmental challenges that we face today can only be solved with a sense of communal as well as individual responsibility and awareness, Annie is keen to offer some relevant and coherent solutions through Le Bocal Local.

In order to encourage “consumer’actors” to adopt more environmentally-friendly habits and to offer opportunities for developing new competences and capacity-building, Annie works with Déborah to suggest, organize and run workshops through Le Bocal Local, in a participatory and creative way, to make collaborative progress towards a healthier, fairer and more sustainable existence.

With a real desire to contribute to the local economy, Annie is committed to creating a network of solidarity to develop more social, civic/community-enriching and equitable relations among people.

She also takes care of the administrative tasks of the Association.

A significant number of other people work alongside Déborah and Annie, supporting and participating in the many tasks related to running the Association.

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Preserving the environment:
Individuals and their coexistence within the ecosystem

Ensuring social well-being:
Positive impact on the population’s quality of life

Promoting solidarity:
Supporting shared responsibilities and interests

Developing sustainable economy:
Based on solidarity, equity, and social utility

Would you like to know more ? The values and commitments of the Association are reflected in our Charter.

As the member of SSE Après-GE, we share their visions and principles. See their Charter here.

Find out who set up Le Bocal Local. Click here !

Would you like to join the team?

It is also thanks to our partners that we have been able to make progress. To see the complete list of our partners, visit this page!

Latest news of the Association

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The grocery store

Le Bocal Local is also an eco-responsible grocery store situated at 10 Rue Lissignol in Geneva, offering healthy and mostly local products, free of disposable packaging.

Our workshops

Make your own household and cosmetic products, as well as learn more about recycling including giving a second life to things that you would otherwise be throwing away. These are some of the principles of voluntary simplicity that you can discover through our workshops.

Becoming a “consumer’actor”

Contributing to shared thinking and carrying out participatory activities is of utmost importance to us. Come and join us for the pleasure of taking action!

Resources and hints

Find some of our favorite recipes here, along with some recommendations and findings.