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Le Bocal Local is also an eco-responsible grocery store situated at 10 Rue Lissignol in Geneva, offering healthy and mostly local products, free of disposable packaging.

To avoid wasting food by purchasing the desired quantity.

To reduce the production of waste right at the source.

To eliminate the risk of toxic components present in food packaging that sometimes transfer to the food they contain.

To help sort through all the “marketing” information and claims that consumers are exposed to and influenced by packaging.

To favor shorter food transport, more economic and territorial dynamism, social cohesion and positive environmental effects.

To create a link between “consumer’actors” and food producers.

To enjoy food that is of higher nutritional value and of better flavor too.

To support farmers that produce this high quality food.

To ensure full traceability of food products.

To offer food that is available in its most natural form, which has been produced without chemicals or synthetic pesticides.

To respect and take care of the ecosystem, nature and people.

To generate positive impact on our physical and mental health.

To be able to eat unprocessed food, free from additives.

How does it work ?

Comment ça marche ? 1

1. I bring my own shopping bag or container (or I buy one in store)

Comment ça marche ? 2

2. I choose the product and the desired quantity of it.

Comment ça marche ? 3

3. I pay the true cost of my purchase without extra cost being included for the sole profit-making of big businesses.

Comment ça marche ? 4

4. I participate in reducing my environmental footprint.

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Below you can find the selection of products that we offer for buying in an eco-responsible way.



Would you like to know where the products sold in Le Bocal Local come from? See our interactive map to find our producers and where they are situated.


We organize events to strengthen the link between “consumer’actors”, producers and creative artisans.

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